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June 26, 2013
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Tranquility by shusical Tranquility by shusical



........I-- I'M SO SORRY HAHA, it's been 9 months since your birthday and... it's actually closer to your birthday this year now, HAHAHA... I'm super sorry ahjkhsg ;_;; I MEAN, YOU CAN... TAKE IT AS LIKE... A REGULAR GIFT MAYBE????!! I always feel like you deserves lot of cute gifts and things, from how absolutely lovely you are, and how precious your characters are AAHA. ;u; Anyway <3 I still wanted to finish this, even if it's really late, so I hope you like it! ♥♥

I really love these two characters ;w; It was really hard to choose which character(s) to draw because I just adore all of =Hirukio's characters AAHA ; O ; <3 AND I KNOW WE BOTH LOVE FORESTS HAHAHA! Eeeee > U <

HIRUUUU ; OOOO ; <3333 AHHHH, I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START ;-; W-well if I do miss something, I'll just say, I completely adore you! I feel like I've constantly told you over and over, I just love everything you do and everything that - is you. Oh goodness I hope that doesn't sound ultra creepy because... well... you are just amazing! AHAHA ;u; I met you through Wispypie, and she would always say these super sweet things about you, and I was just so excited to meet you at the time - but when I eventually did, I was really blown away. As cheesy as that sounds AHAHA - I really admire your art from afar, but then I realised that you truly, truly did more than just draw, but you drew for yourself, the people for whom you cared, and the things in which you believed. And those people you cared for, the things you believed in, those were all as wonderfully special as you. I stress that a lot because I suppose I just admire people like that - even from the very first time I saw your (and Wispypie's!) galleries, it was a huge blast of inspiration because it was just so... real. The things you two submit, the messages you leave, have always been things that are very "you" and seeing that I can't help but feel that I've met someone who is truly a treasure. We aren't able to talk often (eeee, good luck with all your workload!♥ Take care of yourself, too!), but the times we do, I enjoy it so much, and I've learned a ton from you two, just by watching you be the people you are. AHHH, I JUST ADORE YOU TWO AHAHAH ; U ; <33 Seeing you progress through your art as well is very inspirational, too - I haha I know it's not the best to think this way, but when I saw your gallery at first I thought there wasn't anything to improve on. But then you went on, and improved so much. I absolutely love looking at your paintings because I can really tell how much care and... love, for a lack of better word - goes into them. The soft, organic lines and the creamy colouring that defines your style -- AHH IT'S SO... COMFORTABLE, LOL. Plus the compositions and palettes... ;;u;; It looks just like storybook illustrations, like something very familiar and soothing at the same time, if that makes sense. EEEEKK ALSO I CAN'T HELP BUT add in that I just (creepily lol) love the friendship that you and Wispy have together. It constantly makes me smile how close you guys are, and how well you work along together, that it always makes me feel like I want to become a better person, too. Even being around you two, I suddenly feel like I'm a better person LOL. AHHH ;u; Thank you so much for being... you. ♥ I'm so happy to be able to see you continue to grow as both an artist and a person, I can't wait to see your future works as well! I'm delighted that you're enjoying art school, and I wish you the best for the years to come! Happy birthday, Hiruuuu! ♥♥♥ (A very, very late wish HAHA <3)

I had a lot of fun doing this > U <!!! I... I'm sorry again for being so late LOOOOL ;_____;!!!!!! I... I'm really ashamed q__qq

Thank you so much for viewing!!! ; U ; <333

Characters belong to =Hirukio
Please do not redistribute, trace, re-upload, reuse, or reproduce without permission. Thank you! ♥
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absolutly love the background in this, the colours and shading are amazing.
JessMia Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy krap. This is amazing and so beautiful. I really love the brushes and colors, and it's really stunning how much detail you put into the detail as they are very far away. I really like this piece, it's amazing! ;3; Great job ♥~~
SimbaSpyro Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww! That's so sweet you'd do this for someone's birthday! And it's AMAZING!!!! Well done! ;3;
wispywaffle Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist


.w..WAIT EEK HAHAHAHA OMGOSH I DONT KNOW IF THAT WOULD TASTE GOOD HAHA well okay wispypie makes anything delicious u q u<3333
wispywaffle Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
weh pie sandwhich sounds good to me. c':
Hirukio Jul 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Thank you for the beautiful artwork and the amazingly sweet words. When I first met you I was just starting to get into digital painting and you along with Wispy were a really huge inspiration! The tutorial you made way back when about painting was so helpful to me! 

You know me too well, I absolutely adore forests, especially warm ones! I think these little gals have become my favourite characters to draw, just because they go hand-in-hand with giant magical old-grown forests and they're always dwarfed by everything but look so at home. I just love the way you blend colours, it gives your paintings such a light a magical feel, they're just so full of energy and life. The amount of detail you put into the leaves and ferns here is astounding, and I've always admired the way you can almost mesh elements like grass and flowers overtop of each other to create a really cohesive and magical painting. Your use of colour is beautiful, I love every single last thing about this and painting and all your work in general. Thank you for the beautiful surprise and for being such a sweet and amazing person, thank you for inspiring me and being inspired by me, thank you for never failing to make me smile, I wish you every bit of happiness in the world you lovely person!

I'm not going to lie Wispy and I have the weirdest yet simultaneously awesome friendships ever. We actually hang out very very little due to us both being crazy busy, but we've somehow managed to really stay close. She's that person who I can talk to absolutely anything about when I need somebody to listen and vise versa. I really wish me and you did get more chances to talk! 

I'm sending you a pm right now with your birthday print before I forget again! If there is a bigger version of this I would absolutely love to have it, I want to print this out on a canvas for my apartment when I move in September!:-D

AHHH you're definitely welcome!!! ♥ I'm so glad. Actually I always felt like you had a very painty feeling to your pictures, so I thought it must've been natural(ish?) for you to move into digital painting! Awww yes they're so cute, I was charmed by them right away. WHOA OKAY EEEK HIRU I'M LIKE READING YOUR PARAGRAPH and have no idea where to start to respond HAHAA. Eeee so I can only say thank you so much, and thank *you* for being the inspiration for this painting as well! ♥♥

Omgosh HAHHA, I think it's kind of funny sometimes, like even for me too the people I'm closest to are often the people I have the least time to even chat with. But in a way, I think that makes your relationship even more precious. Awwwww haha yes!! Wispy says your Skype works now but even when she said you were online, it said you were offline! Q O QQ AHAHA, it's all right because I'm a very patient person and for me just seeing you do your things and all, knowing you're well and happy makes me happy! Ofc it'd be lovely to chat more too HAHAHA but what am I supposed to say now, "*kicks your schoolwork out of the way*" LOL I'M KIDDING AHAHA (plus it seems your schoolwork now is pretty interesting *OOO*) > U< Ahhhhh eeeee thank you so much oh gosh I'd be honoured, I hope the one I sent you is all right!!

Hope you're doing well!! Q u QQ
Hirukio Aug 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ohhh, I changed skype names! Forgot my old password/don't remember the password to the email I used for it. My new skype is: zara.alfonso
OMG AHAHAA QO Q OH NOOO HAHAHA ;U; Eee though good thing its easy to take care of!! AHHH THANK YOU ;U; I added you! I think.. LOL. I think Skype changed the adding thing or something BUT I'M PRETTY SURE I ADDED YOU HAHAHA
WAHH do you want me to hide the comment so random people browsing around don't add you?  > U < 
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