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August 30, 2013
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Droplets by shusical Droplets by shusical
A gift for Franapples ~fran-cho ♥ GUYS GO CHECK OUT HER GALLERY she's a very amazing artist > U < <33
...WHOSE BIRTHDAY I MISSED TWO YEARS IN A ROW HHAHA omg ;;; (well okay this is kind of coming out of nowhere now since your birthday was way back in March and it's... well... I kind of miss a lot of birthdays HAHAHAHAH OKAY JUST... IGNORE ANY MENTIONS OF BIRTHDAYS OKAY) TT_____TT HAHAHAHAH

U UAUAU HA UMMMMM this is ~fran-cho's precious precious Dietrich ; w ; ♥ As a... water butterfly!!! AHAHA omgosh I couldn't remember which butterfly you thought matched her the best, so I made... one... up. HAHAHA;;; Somehow, I feel like it fits her a bit. Hmm, I kind of want to make one for each boss HAHAHAHA. I think I can already picture it... (.......s...soooRRRYYYY FREYYY AJKA HA JHAHAHA) ok ok nevermind backs away HAHJAAJH
Dietrich is my favourite of your characters, though it's very hard to choose because you have such an amazing and unique array of them (PLUS YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT _ _ _ AND errrr hmm the others are kind of hard to hint at LOL well you know). She's... the feeling you get from her at first is probably something like, "Ahh she's so cute, and clever, maybe a little bit child-like, and she picks on Frey too much," but then if you know her a little more, you realise that she has a certain fragility to her. However, even with that "fragility," there's also a very powerful drive behind her. I... don't want to say too much because spoiler-ish kinda HAHAHA but ahh ♥ I just adore her so much. The parallel between her backstory and Frey's (or what I know of it) is a little bit heartrending but at the same time heartwarming, because it's almost like a connection there that you may not even know about, but you can feel it. I hope she will find peace in the end. For someone who has had to go through so much, and means the best that she can - despite being unaccustomed, untrusting, and a little lost - she only deserves to have a happy ending.

Anyway I know you've been having frustrations lately this year, with your insane school and all kinds of things going on (even your land (oceans??)!!!! LOL AKJHSDG Q__QQ STAY SAFE OKAY WAHHH). Keep strong, Franapples ♥ You are an incredible person, and I don't think you ever give yourself enough credit for what you do. I'm constantly amazed by how dedicated you are to what you do - it seems like everything you do, turns out so well. I know it's not talent though, because I think saying that might be hurtful because I know how hard you work to get to where you want to be. I hope that doesn't sound really... righteous of me HAHAA OMG AHAHA I just really admire the way you put so much effort in things! I think that sometimes you work so hard that you don't see it. It's really an inspiration ;u; I'm really glad I got to meet you, even though I originally thought you were like... Luri's twin (IT WAS A REALLY CUTE THOUGHT THOUGH OKAY AHAHA) so we can stay up late at night (er, late for me, or late for you LOL timezones sob) so we can send each other pictures of shubills and Piko's favourite birds (I can't wait for that btw HAHAHA And bowlcut-kun HAHAHAHA) or just break our hearts over PHQ and sad things- omg HAHAHA OR OOGA BOOGA KJHSGKJHD OKAY HELP OMG HAHAAHA btw, I think you'll like this especially the second one HAHAHA. Please don't set it as Frey's homepage omg JAHJKA Okay I think I rambled for a while;;; I'm incredibly touched by how empathetic you are, too. Thank you! I'm really happy to have had the chance to know you ♥♥ I know that sometimes things get hard, but... just try the best that you can, and things will be all right.
Thank you so much for viewing! ♥
Apologies if I don't reply to comments and things q n q; I always read them, though! I really appreciate them ;u; Thank you so much > U < <3333
Ah yes I'm still on hiatus;;; Oh gosh... it's like... as soon as I decide to take a break from drawing a million ideas hit me HAHAH @ O @ And working on finishing up a few other pieces and owed things. I've been doing some major spring cleaning in my house LOL ahhh discovering old stuff brings back so many memories!! It's a bittersweet feeling sometimes, but then it feels nice to clear it all up ehehe > U < Ahh I hope you all have a lovely day!!!!

Character belongs to ~fran-cho
Please don't re-use, reproduce, redistribute, trace, modify, or use this image without permission. Thank you!
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AnnaDefiesGravity Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist
how awesome is this? :o
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My eyes cannot handle the beauty and magnifecence, it's so dazzling. *_*
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Oh my god, this is really whimsical OAO
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Your style with dark colors. Like I've said before: Amazing.
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This is gorgeous! Really one of my favorite pieces of art that I've seen on this site. Wish I could get it as a print. :P
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.. AWESOME!!!!!
xCepheid Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Excuse me while I try to find words to describe how amazing this is.

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*Clears Throat*

NHD76 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this picture very much:heart:
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